Marco Reese Maldonado – New York City based talent, born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio has a background in Corporate Technology Recruiting and Event Management by way of JPMorgan Chase.

Completely transitioning his career with new opportunities and creative aspirations, Marco has expanded his talents to the entertainment industry. Marco started with short films and quickly catapulted to TV on major networks, being cast on “Hustle in Brooklyn” (2018) on BET,  “Couples Therapy” (2019-2020) on Showtime, “My True Crime Story” (2021) on VH1 and “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” (2021) on Hulu. Marco has had supporting roles in feature films such as R BNB (2021) and Mutilator 2 (2022), the sequel to the 80’s cult classic. Marco has also thrived in NYC interactive theater working with Netflix and Fever in both their Money Heist: The Experience and Stranger Things: The Experience productions. 

Marco is extremely passionate about his family, health, travel and the amazing world of acting, production and writing.